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Custom Item Orders: Open

As all of you are aware, our website (amongst others) has stopped taking Neopets Item orders. Well, today, we’re happy to announce that we will be taking VERY casual item orders.

We’ve worked out a deal with a user who will actively be trading for items on site. This means that delivery will not be immediate, nor will we be offering instant delivery. However, we will be able to fulfill some of the lower end item requests.

This does mean however, that there are some items that we will simply not fulfill. Some of these items include:

  • High end stamps/collectables
  • Most hidden tower items
  • Cove items
  • TCG RIC items
  • Most items worth over one hundred million.

All item orders will need to be ticketed through our support page in advance. This will allow our trader to start searching for items in advance since items will take longer to deliver. More importantly, this will allow us to confirm or deny if we can provide an item or not and to quote a price.

In order to protect your account from our trader, and vice versa, the delivery process will be split between three accounts (Or more for multiple items).

Our trader will obtain the items with their account.
The items will then be sent to our (Anoneo’s) shell accounts.
And we will then send the item directly to the buyer or email the shell account.

The process is fairly simple, but pretty lackluster compared to our old array of items.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to submit a ticket through our support portal!