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In regards to customer rewards

It was asked what our customer rewards would be, and what incentives are given to shop here. This is briefly addressed in our FAQ section, but here’s a post addressing it specifically as well!

Most websites require that you spend an arduous amount of money in order to earn rewards and we’ve done away with that completely.

In order to compete with other websites we’ve simply made what would be our customer rewards public lifetime rewards instead.

50% Discount

All users are immediately eligible for a 50% discount across all products. This is done by simply reducing price of all products by 50% across the regular prices across all other websites. Whereas a Baby Paint Brush is $1.99 on other sites before their rewards, a Baby Paint Brush is only $0.99 here with no rewards.

25% Cashback

All orders are immediately granted a 25% cashback to your accounts digital wallet after purchase. While we only accept cryptocurrency, this digital wallet can be used to earn cashback rewards in USD equivalents so that you’re able to buy more while spending less. Every $1 spent earns $0.25 that is immediately credited directly to your digital wallet. This option can be used at checkout.