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Neopets Paint Brushes

Paint Brushes are some of the most frequently sought out items on Neopets and can be used to change your pets color. Some of these colors are simple colors, like red, yellow, blue, and green! Paint brushes enable the player to change the color of their pet to some of the more esteemed and visually appealing colors such as royal, stealth, transparent, or maraquan!

Due to their overwhelming popularity and demand, the price for paint brushes fluctuate heavily. The prices for these items are generally very expensive and can take a long time to acquire. In addition to their generally expensive price tag, paint brushes on Neopets are seldom released restricting them to limited quantities at any given time. As a result, you’ll often find people reselling their paint brushes or even buying more so that they can increase the market price for these rarities.

Below you can view a table of Neopets Paint Brushes sorted alphabetically!

Product Table
Product Product Product Product Product Product
Buy Baby Paint Brush Neopets
Baby Paint Brush
Buy Brown Paint Brush Neopets
Brown Paint Brush
Buy Camouflage Paint Brush Neopets
Camouflage Paint Brush
Buy Candy Paint Brush Neopets
Candy Paint Brush
Buy Checkered Paint Brush Neopets
Checkered Paint Brush
Buy Darigan Paint Brush Neopets
Darigan Paint Brush
Buy Dimensional Paint Brush Neopets
Dimensional Paint Brush
Buy Disco Fever Paint Brush Neopets
Disco Fever Paint Brush
Buy Electric Blue Paint Brush Neopets
Electric Blue Paint Brush
Buy Eventide Paint Brush Neopets
Eventide Paint Brush
Buy Faerie Paint Brush Neopets
Faerie Paint Brush
Buy Fire, Fire, Your Pants on Fire Paint Brush Neopets
Fire, Fire, Your Pants on Fire Paint Brush
Buy Get Off My Lawn Paint Brush Neopets
Get Off My Lawn Paint Brush
Buy Ghost Paint Brush Neopets
Ghost Paint Brush
Buy Golden Paint Brush Neopets
Golden Paint Brush
Buy Grey Paint Brush Neopets
Grey Paint Brush
Buy Halloween Paint Brush Neopets
Halloween Paint Brush
Buy Invisible Paint Brush Neopets
Invisible Paint Brush
Buy Lost Desert Paint Brush Neopets
Lost Desert Paint Brush
Buy Lutari Paint Brush Neopets
Lutari Paint Brush
Buy Maractite Paint Brush Neopets
Maractite Paint Brush
Buy Maraquan Paint Brush Neopets
Maraquan Paint Brush
Buy Marble Paint Brush Neopets
Marble Paint Brush
Buy Mystery Island Paint Brush Neopets
Mystery Island Paint Brush
Buy Oil Paint Brush Neopets
Oil Paint Brush
Buy Orange Paint Brush Neopets
Orange Paint Brush
Buy Origami Paint Brush Neopets
Origami Paint Brush
Buy Pastel Paint Brush Neopets
Pastel Paint Brush
Buy Pink Paint Brush Neopets
Pink Paint Brush
Buy Plushie Paint Brush Neopets
Plushie Paint Brush
Buy Polka Dot Paint Brush Neopets
Polka Dot Paint Brush
Buy Purple Paint Brush Neopets
Purple Paint Brush
Buy Rainbow Paint Brush Neopets
Rainbow Paint Brush
Buy Relic Paint Brush Neopets
Relic Paint Brush
Buy Royal Paint Brush Neopets
Royal Paint Brush
Buy Shadow Paint Brush Neopets
Shadow Paint Brush
Shadow Paint Brush Neopets
Shadow Paint Brush
Buy Skunk Paint Brush Neopets
Skunk Paint Brush
Buy Spotted Paint Brush Neopets
Spotted Paint Brush
Buy Starry Paint Brush Neopets
Starry Paint Brush
Buy Stealth Paint Brush Neopets
Stealth Paint Brush
Buy Striped Paint Brush Neopets
Striped Paint Brush
Buy Swamp Gas Paint Brush Neopets
Swamp Gas Paint Brush
Buy Toy Paint Brush Neopets
Toy Paint Brush
Buy Transparent Paint Brush Neopets
Transparent Paint Brush
Buy Tyrannian Paint Brush Neopets
Tyrannian Paint Brush
Buy Usuki Paint Brush Neopets
Usuki Paint Brush
Buy Valentine Paint Brush Neopets
Valentine Paint Brush
Buy Water Paint Brush Neopets
Water Paint Brush
Buy White Paint Brush Neopets
Water Paint Brush
Buy Woodland Paint Brush Neopets
Woodland Paint Brush
Buy Wraith Paint Brush Neopets
Wraith Paint Brush
Buy Zombie Paint Brush Neopets
Zombie Paint Brush
Jelly Paint Brush Neopets
Jelly Paint Brush

How Do You Obtain Paint Brushes?

Neopets Paint Brushes have always been difficult to obtain. There’s several obscure ways that will help you obtain them so let’s go over them!

The Neopets referral program is one way to obtain Paint Brushes! In the modern day, the referral program is pretty seldom used. This doesn’t change the fact that you can use it however! Using the Neopets Referral program and successfully referring new users to the website, you’re able to work your way up to earning paint brushes! Amongst these prizes, you can also earn other various prizes and Neopoints, but the prize that most users are after are the coveted paint brushes!

The Fruit Machine is another option that you can use to earn paint brushes, and this task can be completed daily! The Fruit Machine is another one of Neopets popular daily wheels that you can spin that works more similarly to a slot machine.

Upon spinning the wheel, you have the chance to land on one of six different desert foods. The Bagguss, Tchea Fruit, Ummagine, Cheops Plant, Ptolymelon, and Puntec Fruit are all presented within the wheels with the Bagguss being the most common pick, and Puntec Fruit being the rarest.

Landing on three Ptolymelon’s will reward you with 20,000 Neopoints, a random battle muffin, and a random paint brush!
In addition to Ptolymelon’s, you can also land on three Puntec Fruit to receive 25,000 Neopoints, a random paint brush, three random bottles faeiries, and a random strength or level increase that is applied directly to your active pet.

The Alien Aisha Vending Machine is possibly the most active method of earning paint brushes nowadays. In order to obtain a paint brush from the vending machine, you’ll first need to acquire a Nerkmid!

Once you’ve secured yourself a Nerkmid or several, you’ll want to head over to the Alien Aisha Vending Machine!

The Nerkmid that you select does not matter as the results for each Nerkmid are randomized. In addition to the Nerkmids giving random prizes, the button selection that you choose will also be random and do not impact the prize you receive either.

The game has now become a game of chance in hoping that you receive a Paint Brush. Due to Nerkmids readily available nature, it is the best way to obtain paint brushes consistently albeit a bit expensive with each Nerkmid costing roughly 175,000 Neopoints at the time of writing.

And just like that, you’ve won a brand new paint brush that you can use to paint your Neopet, or sell on the trading post!

In addition to regular paint brushes, the Vending Machine can also award Petpet Paint Brushes that cannot be won in other parts of the site!

Speaking of Petpet Paint Brushes, lets move on to those now!

Product Product Product Product Product Product
Buy Black Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
black Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Blue Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Blue Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Darigan Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Darigan Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Disco Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Disco Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Elderly Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Elderly Paint Brush
Buy Eventide Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Eventide Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Faerie Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Faerie Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Fire Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Fire Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Green Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Green Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Grey Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Grey Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Halloween Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Halloween Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Island Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Island Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Lost Desert Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Lost Desert Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Magma Petpet Paint Brush
Magma Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Maractite Petpet Paint Brush
Maractite Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Maraquan Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Maraquan Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Mutant Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Mutant Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Orange Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Orange Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Pink Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Pink Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Pirate Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Pirate Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Pirate Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Pirate Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Purple Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Purple Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Rainbow Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Rainbow Petpet Paint Brush
Red Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Red Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Robot Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Robot Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Royal Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Royal Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Spring Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Spring Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Stealthy Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Stealthy Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Valentine Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Valentine Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Water Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Water Petpet Paint Brush
Buy White Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
White Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Woodland Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Woodland Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Yellow Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Yellow Petpet Paint Brush
Buy Zombie Petpet Paint Brush Neopets
Zombie Petpet Paint Brush

Limited types Petpet Paint Brushes can also be won from the previously mentioned Fruit Machine, however the item pool of base paint brushes is larger and therefore makes it less likely.

Prior to the start of Neopets site conversion, Jacko The Phantom would also award users paint brushes through random events. Since the site has begun its conversion to HTML5, a large majority of the pages on the website will not properly activate random events leading to Jacko appearing significantly less than in the past. As a result, most people consider the random event to be broken entirely and unable to reward paint brushes.

Jacko The Phantom random event, 2016.

The last notable method of obtaining paint brushes is with the Wheel of Extravagance. This expensive wheel can be spun once a day and has a chance to reward paint brushes as a prize, albeit very rarely.

With a spin cost of 100,000 Neopoints and only once per day, it’s very unlikely that you can a paint brush consistently. In addition to this, there are very high chances of getting nothing from the wheel, or winning fewer Neopoints than you spent. Spinning the Wheel of Extravagance is not a cost effective way to earn paint brushes.

The Shop Wizard, Trading Post, & Auction House

Due to the overwhelming low chances of earning paint brushes naturally throughout the site, this leaves purchasing them from other users. Unfortunately, not all paint brushes are created equal on Neopets.

Many paint brushes are more popular than others, and prices tend to fluctuate depending on popularity, as well as when new pet colors are released. Newly released pet colors often tend to increase prices significantly while also reducing the amount available for sale.

Many paint brushes nowadays cost millions of Neopoints with a few also crossing the price threshold over ten million Neopoints. Earning the Neopoints just to purchase these paint brushes can be an arduous task in itself, but then finding a seller for the paint brush that you’re searching for can be another task in of itself.

This leaves you with one last final option. Buying your paint brushes from us, Anoneo!

We keep our items on hand ready to deliver, and don’t list anything for sale if we don’t have it. This means that the wait time to buy paint brushes on Neopets can be significantly lowered! We ensure the safest delivery, and delivery within 24 hours at most. If you’re looking to buy Neopets Paint Brushes, allow us to earn your trust with our speedy safe delivery today!


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