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Random Nerkmid x100



100 Basic Golden Nerkmids delivered directly to your account.

Make sure to set up junk trades!

Not looking for bulk? Purchase one single Nerkmid instead!

Dive into the Enigma of Neopets Nerkmids

In the sprawling universe of Neopia, few items offer as much intrigue and potential as Nerkmids. These magical tokens, known for their connection to the mysterious Alien Aisha, unlock opportunities, rewards, and surprises that can be both delightful and, occasionally, downright gross!

The Power of Nerkmids:

Insert a Nerkmid into the mystical vending machine located in the Neopian Plaza, and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions. By pressing the right buttons and pushing the levers, users are given the chance to win a vast amount of Neopoints or have a random event bestow upon them some of the most rare and exotic foods for your pet. Some of these foods are so unique; they’re nowhere to be found elsewhere in Neopia!

But That’s Not All:

If you’re really lucky, putting a Nerkmid in the machine could even grant you rare and coveted Paint Brushes!

Why Purchase from Anoneo?

At Anoneo, we offer Neopets enthusiasts the chance to buy Nerkmids at an unbeatable value. Whether you’re trying your luck for the first time or you’re an old hand at the Nerkmid game, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to Explore the Nerkmid Mystery?

Nerkmids are not just coins; they’re tickets to a world of possibilities. Whether you’re after that elusive avatar, a massive pile of Neopoints, or the most unique foods for your Neopet, a Nerkmid is your key.


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