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Old Collectables Item Pack w/ Neocash! (Instant Delivery)


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Age: 17 1/2 years

Avatars: 130 – 135

Trophies: 5 – 10

Notable Pets: 

Neopoints: 81,858 (On Hand, Bank, Shop Till, Stocks)

NP Items: H4000 Helmet:1, Furwitch:1, Frogarott:1, Blue Pteri Morphing Potion:1, Magical Purple Poogle Toy:1, Everlasting Apple:1, Fishy Easter Negg:1, Space Faerie Snowglobe:1, Mutant Cobrall:1, Bow of Destiny:1, Wand of Reality:1, Halloween Mazzew:1, Christmas Khonsu:1, Yooyuball Field:1, The Tale of a Plushie Wocky:1, Ylanas Blaster:1, Island JubJub Beach Ball:1, Meridell Entrance Background:1, Haunted Woods Petpet Garland:1

NC Items: Sparkling Faerie Dress:1, Sparkling Crimson Slippers:1, Winged Altadorian Sandals:1, Twinkling Pink Tiara:3, Wings of Flame:2, Maraquan Exploration Helmet:1, Floating Fyora Faerie Doll:1, Floating Jhudora Faerie Doll:1, Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Helmet:1, Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Armour:1, Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Heraldic Banner:1, Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Shinai:1, Defender of Neopia Cape:1, Defender of Neopia Cowl:1, Shenkuu Warrior Training Grounds Background:1, Sloth Clone Helmet:1, Grey Faerie Dress:1, Grey Faerie Wings:1, Wanderer Girl Vest:1, Wanderer Girl Skirt:1, Wanderer Girl Striped Headscarf:1, Altador Shores Background:1, Rainbow Fountain Background:1, I Heart NC Flag:1, Darkest Faerie Dress:1, Wings of Ice:1, Smugglers Cove Background:1, Magical Floor Harp:1, Cumulus Wings:1, Prissy Miss Usuki Collector Dress:1, Floating Grey Faerie Doll:2, Wanderer Boy Vest:1, Wizarding Apprentice Robe:1, Faerieland Library Background:1, Regulation Meridellian Chainmail:1, Regulation Meridellian Lowers:1, Spinning Neopian Globe:1, Wings of Darkness:1, Ostentatious Masquerade Mask:1, Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza:15, Neovian Twilight Background:1, Spooky String Lights:1, Haunted Piano:1, Haunted Mansion Background:1, Gothic Tiara:2, Inconspicuous Foliage:1, Shenkuu Performer Wardrobe:1, Shenkuu Performer Shoes:1, Prissy Miss Bow:2, Snuffly Hat:1, Raindorf Ears:1, Snowflake Wand:1, Cocoa Shop Background:1, New Years Celebration Background:1, Floating Battle Faerie Doll:1, Hearts Thought Bubble:1, Romantic Music Track:1, Sweetheart Flower Bouquet:1, Chocolates Thought Bubble:1, Broken Heart Thought Bubble:1, Sweetheart Ball Gown:1, Valentines Letter Thought Bubble:1, Heart String Lights:1, Valentines Day Mailbox:1, Sweetheart Background:1, Space Bounty Hunter Shirt:1,


Flower Petal Skirt:1, Tyrannian Fake Fur Toga:1, Floating Illusen Doll:1, Flower Petal Shirt:1, Greenhouse Background:1, Blue Argyle Sweater Vest and Shirt:1, Flowery Crown:1, REAL Chandelier Earrings:1, Black Fedora:1, Dark Princess Tiara:1, Dark Princess Gown:1, Dark Princess Shoes:2, Hair Bone:1, Rain and Flowers Thought Bubble:1, The Big Dance Background:1, Sparkling Promenade Gown:1, Fire Stripe Shirt:1, Chirping Music Track:1, Pristine Tennis Skirt:2, Sporty Tennis Shirt:1, Fyora Wig:1, Purple Hoop Skirt:1, Wanderer Boy Trousers:1, Ice Cream Cone String Lights:1, Rose Petal Wings:1, Delicate Flower Laurel:1, Charming Bathing Suit:1, Summer Fireworks Background:1, Fancy Sun Hat:1, Sparkling Gold Tiara:1, Elegant Gold Necklace:2, Fanciful Seaweed Dress:1, Daring Sea Captain Coat:1, Sun Burn:1, Pretty Lace Apron:1, Blue Jelly Tiara:2, Wanderer Henna Tattoo:1, Sparkling Red Hair Bow:1, Fanciful Seaweed Headband:1, Smart School Girl Skirt:1, Smart School Girl Shoes:1, Smart School Girl Wig:1, School Library Background:1, Spyder Web Dress:1, Frilly Neovian Shirt:1, Paw Print Ferris Wheel:1, Fancy Ruffled Neovian Skirt:1, Autumn Windmill Background:2, Autumn Leaf Wings:2, Black and Orange Sweater Vest:1, Crunching Foot Step Music Track:1, Autumn Leaf Skirt:1, Neoquest Wizard Robe:2, Orange Plaid Bow Tie:1, Autumn Tiara:1, Pumpkin String Lights:1, Spyder Web Mask:1, Spyder Web Gloves:1, Autumn Leaf Hair Bow:1, Fur-Trimmed Shoes:1

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