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Old ETS Item Pack! (Instant Delivery)


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Age: 21 1/2 years

Avatars: 10 – 15

Trophies: 10 – 15

Notable Pets:

Neopoints: 1,128,732

NP Items: Bread:1, Pink Negg:1, Thornberry:1, Tigersquash Mega:1, ErgyFruit:1, RainbowBerry:1, Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush:1, Secret Laboratory Map:1, Secret Laboratory Map:1, Secret Laboratory Map:2, Space Map:1, Spotted Pteri Morphing Potion:1, Magical Purple Poogle Toy:2, Purple Sardplant:1, Glowing Desk:1, Magical Red Chomby Plushie:3, Basic Golden Nerkmid:2, Normal Golden Nerkmid:1, Magical Green Chomby Plushie:1, Blue Chia Morphing Potion:1, I Love Hornsby T-Shirt:1, I Love Chezzoom T-Shirt:1, Pink Blooky T-Shirt:1, Erisim T-Shirt:1, Yellow Sunutek T-Shirt:1, Krawk T-Shirt:1, Pink Walein T-Shirt:2, Blue Bogie T-Shirt:1, I Love Kadoatie T-Shirt:1, Pinceron T-Shirt:1, Yellow Kookith T-Shirt:1, Yellow Zebba T-Shirt:1, Blue Grarrl Morphing Potion:1, Bacheek Plushie:1, Tiara:1, Cabbage Sorbet:1, Blue Splyke:1, Pink Slorg:1, Cloud Petpet Paint Brush:1, Scorchio Transmogrification Potion:1, Meerca Apertif:1, Cloud Ixi Morphing Potion:1, Snowbunny:3, Ring of Sloth Stamp:1

NC Items:

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