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Small 15Mil Item Pack w/ Neocash! (Instant Delivery)


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Age: 14 1/2 years

Avatars: 110

Trophies: >5

Notable Pets: 

Neopoints: 86,552

NP Items: Spectacles of Perception:1, Tyrannian Concert Hall Background:1, Jewelled Geb Necklace:1, Inside a Toy Claw Machine Background:1, Bloodshot Eye Contacts:1, Gold Neopets Star Chain Necklace:1, Hansos Thief Jacket:1, Angry Meepit Eyes:1

NC Items: Mechanical Wings:1, Sparkling Waterfall Background:1, Golden Key Necklace:1, Stained Glass Wings:1, Flowers and Ribbons Headband:1, Ornamental Shenkuu Headband:1, Green Candy Striped Gift Box:1, Tree House Background:1, Swaying Cattails:1, Meepit Balloon:1, NC Mall Third Birthday Pinata:1, Scary Scarecrow:1, Purple Warlock Battle Wings:1, Spooky Halloween Shower:1, Floating White Ona:1, Giant Candy Cane Foreground:1, Bobbling Ornament Headband:1, Pink Springy Fan:1, Heart Balloon Arch:1, Shenkuu Tangram Shower:1, Traditional Plaid Bagpipe:1, Hip White Sunglasses:1, Cheery Spring Meadow Background:1, Green Spring Romper:1, Nature Springs Tiara:1, Spring Nest Garland:1, Growing Flower Outfit:1, Among Flowers Background:1, Flower Bud Vase Foreground:1, Flower Skirt and Tights:1, Negg Pinata:1, Flower Star Wand:1, Purple Flower Embroidiery Dress:1, Colourful Campfire Background:1, Flaming Tree Trinket:1, Patchwork Striped Hat:1, Pretty Patchwork Dress:2, Fabric Waistcoat and Shirt:2, Plushie Whoot Balloon Bouquet:1, Fabric Chandelier:1, Fantastical Plushie Land Background:3, Skeith Plushie Handheld:3, Patchwork Tights and Shoes:1, Patchwork Tiara:1, Floating Hot Air Balloons:1, Cloud Tutu and Tights:1, Cupcake Crown:1, Big Candle Pillars:1, Blue Spiked Gloves:1, Spooky Skull Goodie Bag:1, Holly Tree Goodie Bag:1, Festive Balloons Goodie Bag:1, Snowman Goodie Bag:1, Valentine Bow Goodie Bag:1, NC Mall Fifth Birthday Goodie Bag:1, Second NC Mall Fifth Birthday Goodie Bag:1, Ghost Melton Goodie Bag:1, Handmade Paper Valentine Crown:1, Purple Festive Balloons Goodie Bag:1, Holiday Bells Goodie Bag:1

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