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Top Tier Avatar Collector Main Account w/ LOTS of Items & Neocash! (Instant Delivery)


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Age: 18 Years

Avatars: 315 – 320

Trophies: 60 – 65

Notable Pets: ~1,000 HSD Trainable Battledome Pet

Neopoints: 312,026

NP Items: Red Paint Brush:2, Split Paint Brush:1, Super Nerkmid:1, Cloud Paint Brush:3, Speckled Paint Brush:1, Checkered Paint Brush:1, Secret Laboratory Map:2, Secret Laboratory Map:3, White Petpet Paint Brush:1, Icetravaganza Scratchcard:1, Golden Nerkmid X:1, Brown Petpet Paint Brush:1, Spotted Petpet Paint Brush:1, Scorchio Transmogrification Potion:1, The Tournament Handbook:3, Ghost Paint Brush:2, Vernax:33, Snow Paint Brush:2, Purple Cybunny Negg:1, Greater Healing Scroll:2, One Eyed Evil Coconut:1, World Challenge Meridell 1.5:1, Krawk Island 1.3 WC Piece:1, Krawk Island 1.6 WC Piece:1, Krawk Island 1.18 WC Piece:1, Starry Petpet Paint Brush:1, Darigan Petpet Paint Brush:3, Partitioned Negg:1, Snarkie Answers to Stupid Questions:1, Biscuit Paint Brush:1, Magical Marbles of Mystery:1, Brightvale Team Pennant:1, Roo Island Team Jersey:1, Altador Cup Fanatic Bobblehead:1, Stained Glass Sophie Window:1, Damp Cave Feng Shui:1, Behind the Rusted Door: The True Story of the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium:1, Neovian Genealogy:1, Split Lenny Morphing Potion:1, Sophies Cookbook:1, MAGAX Action Figure:2, Rainblug:1, Petpetpet Growth Patterns:1, Daring Adventurer Hat:1, Makeshift Ships Hammer:1, Poisonous Flower:1, Sore Throat Remedies:1, Meowclops Mask:1, Sophies Hut Background:2, Underwater Shipwreck Background:1, Meepit Vs Feepit Background:1, How to Break Codes and Influence Plot Events:8, Resistance Battle Visor:1, Experts Guide to Slushie Slinging Book:1, Seasonal Illusen Snowglobe:1, Candy Cane Cookie:1, Illusen Heart Charm:1, Fiery Scorchio Truffle:1, Valentine Fyora Charm:1, Carved Walking Stick:1, Purple Hasee Balloon Toy:1, Lighted Faerie Bubble String Lights:1, Beautiful Decorative Negg:1, Springtime Mynci Plushie:2, Illusens Potted Orchid:1, Illusen Jelly Beans:1, Toy Slime Gun:3, Dripping Toy Slime Gun:1, Evil Garden Gnome Background:1, Colourful Rock Mobile:1, Shiny Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver:1, Fire Faerie Racer:1, Beach Volleyball String Lights:1, Jewelled Geb Necklace:1,


Golden Cobrall Belt:1, Purple Paint Blob Plushie:1, Deluxe Polarchuck Costume Head:1, Deluxe Polarchuck Costume:1, Deluxe Polarchuck Costume Gloves:1, Key Garland:1, Silver Dubloon Necklace:3, Golden Dubloon Necklace:1, Doughnut Explosion Background:1, Super Ice Cream Machine Background:1, Red and White Toy Ball:1, Oranella Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap:1, AC IV Roo Island Team Poster:1, Reusable Altador Cup Grocery Bag:1, Nova Token Trinket:1, Slorg Hat:2, Usukicon Y11 Gift Bag:1, Usukicon Y11 Lunch Box:1, Usukicon Y11 Comic Book:1, Cloud Garland:2, Illusen Halloween Pumpkin Decoration:1, Mummified Red Scorchio:2, 10th Birthday Defender of Neopia Mynci Birthday Mask:1, The Eyes Have It:2, Underground Explorations:3, Guide to Rare Mechanical Flowers:2, Dark Cave Background:2, Scrap Metal and Stone:3, 2nd Annual Neopies Awards Commemorative Program:1, Snot Cobweb:2, Faerie Cloud Racing:1, Valentine Fyora:1, Remote Control Gloves:1, Dice-Chucks:1, Sore Hand Wrap:1, Dice Staff:1, Black Square Glasses:2, Scorchio Spring Wrap:1, Beautiful Desert Oasis Background:4, A Fans Guide to the Altador Cup:4, Tarlas Underground Workshop Background:2, Taking the Offensive:1, Tyrannian Cliffs Background:2, Magical Island Recipes:2, Altador Cup V Champion Laurel:1, Inside TNTs Breakroom Refrigerator Background:2, Lost Desert Trick-or-Treat Bag:3, Krawk Island Trick-or-Treat Bag:3, Moltara Trick-or-Treat Bag:3, Mystery Isle Trick-or-Treat Bag:3, Space Station Trick-or-Treat Bag:3, Bloodshot Eye Contacts:2, Games Master Challenge Stamp:2, Gold Mauket:2, Fancy Kitchen Background:2, Double Rainbow Background:2, Around the World in 10 Games:1, Cover of Darkness Foreground:2, Still With the Times:3, 3rd Annual Neopies Golden Trophy:1, Captain of the Guard Stamp:3, Faerieland Cloud Background:2, Looming Balthazar Shadow:1, Lava Puddle:1, AAA Host Shoes:2, Randomly Firing Freeze Ray:1, Colourful Cherry Blossom Necklace:2, Flower Petal Foreground:1, Oh, What a Negg!:1


NC Items: Sparkling Faerie Dress:1, Sparkling Crimson Slippers:1, Winged Altadorian Sandals:3, Twinkling Pink Tiara:4, Pulsing Brain Tree Hat:1, Green X-Ray Goggles:1, Wings of Flame:1, Floating Jhudora Faerie Doll:2, Exploring Maraqua Background:1, Terror Mountain Winter Background:1, Non-Ionising Lab Ray T-Shirt:2, Kauvara Costume Hat:3, Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Helmet:1, Lurking Virtupets Space Station:1, Space Trooper Armour:2, Space Trooper Leggings:2, Space Trooper Helmet:1, Space Trooper Oxygen Tank:1, Space Trooper Weapon of Choice:1, Sloth Clone Robe:1, Grey Faerie Wings:2, Wanderer Girl Striped Headscarf:7, Wanderer Camp Background:1, Altador Shores Background:1, Rainbow Fountain Background:1, I Heart NC Flag:9, Money Tree Background:1, Darkest Faerie Dress:2, Royal Qasalan Cloak:1, Evil Coconut Mask:2, Rainy Day Cloud:1, Floating Negg Faerie Doll:1, Floating Tooth Faerie Doll:1, Mechanical Darkest Faerie Minion:1, Shenkuu River Background:1, Cumulus Wings:1, Floating Grey Faerie Doll:1, Fierce Mechanical Darkest Faerie Minion:1, Icy Cavern Background:2, The Black Pawkeet Background:1, Wizarding Apprentice Robe:1, Faerieland Library Background:1, Regulation Meridellian Helmet:1, Wings of Darkness:1, Golden Genie Lamp:2, Toy Shelf Background:1, Pointy Claw Slippers:2, Fortune-Telling Crystal Ball:2, Neovian Twilight Background:1, Mechanical Wings:1, Floating Space Faerie Doll:2, Shenkuu Performer Headdress:1, Shenkuu Performer Shoes:2, Games Master Headset:1, Prissy Miss Bow:11, Snuffly Hat:2, Father Times Watch:2, New Years Celebration Background:1, Air Faerie Bubble Necklace:6, Floating in Space Background:1, Meepit Thought Bubble:1, Twirling May Pole:1, Twisted Roses Background:1, Meepit Juice Break Music Track:1, Goparokko Music Track:1, Hearts Thought Bubble:3, Wings of Water:1, Walk the Plank Background:1, Fire Boa:1, Sweetheart Flower Bouquet:1, Broken Heart Thought Bubble:2, Mechanical Music Track:1, Abigail Thought Bubble:1, Wobbly Easter Negg:1, Negg Background:1, Dubloon Disaster Mine Earrings:2, Dice String Lights:1, Fluttering Wings Music Track:1, Lucky Uni Shoe Necklace:3, Heart Head Bonk:1, Giant Flower Background:1, Flowery Crown:1, Simple Sun Hat:1, REAL Chandelier Earrings:7, Dark Princess Gown:1, Bone Necklace:3, Flatulence in A Minor Music Track:1, Black Satin Bow Tie:2, Red and White Striped Socks:1, Bouncing Tennis Ball:2, Sparkling Waterfall Background:1, Night Sounds Music Track:2, Lightmite Background:1, Pink Toy Hoop:1, Golden Key Necklace:2, Rose Petal Wings:3, Floating Bree Faerie Doll:1, Ice Cube Necklace:2, Elegant Black Feather Hat:2, Elegant Feather Gloves:1, Daring Sea Captain Spyglass:1, Giant Cake Background:1, Lace Headband:1, Pastel Blue Hair Bow:3, Lavender Chandelier Earrings:2, Yellow Kougra Eye Glasses:1, Wanderer Henna Tattoo:3, Sparkling Red Hair Bow:7, Wrap Trousers:2, Stained Glass Window Background:2, Pretty Chef Bonnet:1, Cosy Cooking Clogs:3, Classic Wooden Rolling Pin:1, Smart School Girl Shoes:2, Smart School Girl Eye Glasses:2, Smart School Girl Wig:1, School Library Background:1, Faerie Circle Background:1, Magical Quill and Book:1, Bottled Faerie Thought Bubble:1, Faerie Dust Shower:1, Pirate Music Track:1, Precious Kadoatie Purse:1, Shiny Gormball:3, Battle Thought Bubble:2, Paw Print Flag:1, Neoquest Wizard Slacks:1, Neoquest Wizard Robe:1, Neoquest Wizard Hat:1, Coffin Clutch:3, Fur-Trimmed Shoes:1,


Autumn Umbrella:1, Play Time String Lights:1, Sassy Red Wig:2, Snowboarder Hat:1, Green Argyle Sweater Vest:1, Candy Cane Hair Bow:2, Sparkling Ice Tiara:1, Confetti Shower:1, Modern Sculpture Holiday Hat:1, Mind Control Headset:1, Woodland Archer Cape and Quiver:1, Woodland Archer Body Art:1, Enchanted Woods Background:1, Classic Beauty Mark:8, Sparkling Skull Belt:2, Black Utility Trousers:1, Faerie Bubble Earrings:2, Regimental Jacket:1, Floating Taelia Doll:1, Suteks Tomb Music Track:2, Time Tunnel Music Track:1, Carnival Trousers:1, Carnival Shoes:1, Carnival Jacket and Shirt:1, Carnival Fan:1, Carnival Mask:2, Carnival Hat:1, Belt of Fire:1, Stained Glass Wings:1, Candy Negg Garland:1, Stained Glass Dress:2, Carnival Ruffle Collar:3, Gaming Shorts:1, Gaming Shirt:1, Golden Sun Glasses:1, Games Shower:1, Filigree Carousel Negg:1, Polka Dotted Magenta Bow Tie:4, Snowflake Headband:1, Shiny Horns:1, Earth Faerie Leaf Shoes:1, Ragtime Music Track:1, Jewelled Staff:1, Flower Beauty Mark:3, Icarus Wings:1, Giant Squid Mask:1, Butterfly Sun Glasses:1, Glowing Handheld Candle:1, Spiky Orange Mohawk:2, Sparkling Negg Wand:1, Sun Shower:1, Pretty Pointy Hat:2, Constellation Map:1, Knit Flower Scarf:2, Lost Desert Treasure Room:1, Lovely Rose String Lights:1, Miniature Floating Hot Air Balloon:1, Colourful Desert Wings:1, Tower Princess Wig:1, Tower Princess Gown:1, Enchanted Tower:1, Tower Room Ruins Background:1, Flowering Vine Sun Glasses:1, Tentacle Beard:1, Night Music:1, Sparkling Star Shower:1, Rustic Outdoor Theatre Background:1, Colourful Kaleidoscope Background:1, Crokabek Nest Background:1, Rugged Work Boots:1, Snowbunny Basket of Brightly Coloured Neggs:1, Mystical Staff of Neopia:1, Pretty Wonderland Dress:2, Charming Wonderland Wig:2, Autumn Leaf and Nut Garland:1, MME2-S5: Glorious Golden Fish Sword:1, Cute Space Dress:1, Spring Flower Hat:1, Short Blue Wig:1, Scary Black Clouds:1, Floating Haunted Locker:1, Brain Necklace:3, Pretty Witch Hat:1, Vampire Costume Face Paint:1, Vampire Costume Wig:1, Skull String Lights:1, Cobrall Wig:1, Elegant Cobrall Dress:1, Sparkling Cobweb Earrings:2, Noil Costume Hat:1, Dirt Patch of the Undead:1, Delicate Cobweb Wings:2, Halloween Candy Shower:1, Adorable Freckles:5, Skull Bow:7, Scary Eye Staff:2, Noil Costume Slippers:1, Pipe and Gear Crown:1, Altador Courier Bag:1, Moltara Inventor Hat and Goggles:2, Moltara Inventors Work Table:2, Moltara Inventor Workshop Background:1, Commemorative Hall of Heroes Background:1, Commemorative Colourful Paper Lantern String Lights:1, Girly Mechanical Wings:3, Golden Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge Medallion:1, Jordies Adventure Hat:1, Ice Cream Shower:1, Springy Blumaroo Toy Trinket:1,


Slorg Bopper:1, Faerie Bubble Tiara:1, Chia Clown Eye Patch:1, Sophies Stew String Lights:1, Net Bag with Volleyballs:1, Bumble Beam Earrings:1, Kass Basher Flag:1, Skull Bowling Pin and Ball Necklace:1, Ultimate Bullseye Balloon Bouquet:1, Marafin Hat:1, Sugar Plum Faerie Dress:1, Land of Candy Background:2, Jeran Collectors Sword:4, Sugar Plum Thought Bubble:3, Nutcracker Toy Soldier:1, Shenkuu Apprentice Tunic:2, Ornamental Shenkuu Headband:1, Holiday Goodie Bag:1, Whimsical Toy Train Background:1, Winter Prince Jacket:1, Gift of Fresh Baked Cookies:1, Sparkling Snowflake Necklace:1, Red Velvet Holly Gloves:1, New Years Celebration Foreground:1, Brilliant Snowflake Tattoo:1, Winter Crown:1, Icy Blue Eyes:2, Extreme Herder II Background:1, Squeezable Polarchuck Plushie:1, Adee Wig:1, Spinacle Spheres Shower:1, Chariot Chase Chariot:1, Yooyu Head Bonk:1, Chopping Block:1, Wheelers Wild Shorts:1, Marching Gnomes:1, Paint Blob Shower:1, Dueling Decks Hand of Cards:1, Splattering Snot Garland:1, Tyrannian Bonfire:1, Hourglass With Falling Sand:1, Glowing Book of Spells:1, Robot Petpet Mobile:1, Downhill Snowball Background:1, Pest Be Gone Robotic Petpetpets:1, Shiny Doughnutfruit Necklace:1, Destruct-O-Match Cave Drawings Background:1, Faerie Cloud Racer Garland:1, Sir Pompadour Bobblehead:1, Shenkuu Tangram Garland:1, Wallace Socks:1, Darigan Dodgeball Plastic Mace:1, Turmac Sweater:1, Faerie Bubbles Cannon:1, Bullseye Earrings:1, Kass Pinata:1, Gold Trimmed Valentines Wings:1, Valentine Boa:1, Valentine Cafe Background:1, Valentine Heart Pouffy Vest:1, Valentine Heart Staff:1, Prissy Miss Valentine Dress:1, Heart Beauty Mark:3, Valentine Tree of Lights:1, Faerie Cloud Racer Collectors Background:1, Jumpin Gem Heist Background:1, Carnival of Terror Clown Pants with Suspenders:1, Sophies Wand:1, Valentine Celebration Background:1, Princess Lunara Collectors Parasol:1, Vintage Gold Necklace:1, Golden Heart Valentine Goodie Bag:1, Daily Dare NC Challenge Gamers Scarf:1, Daily Dare NC Challenge Gamers Garland:1, Daily Dare NC Challenge Game Controller Belt:1, Daily Dare NC Challenge Gamers Hat:1, 2010 Daily Dare Gold Medal:1, Brilliant Candle Display:1, Creepy Trap Door:1, MME5-S4a: Mystical Stone Uni-goggle:1, MME5-S1: Ancient Blumaroo Sentinels:1, MME5-S2: Mystical Lightning Storm:1, MME5-S3: Semi-Watchful Stone Guard:1, MME5-B1: Mystical Stone Lightning Sword:1, MiniMME1-S2b: Round and Round Electric Negg:1, MiniMME1-S1: Bouncing Electric Negg:1, MiniMME1-B: Seeing Electric Neggs Head Bonk:1,


Sugar Negg Background:1, Potted Easter Negg Tree:1, Butterfly Face Paint:1, Negg Giftbox:2, Pretty Pastel Shoes & Tights:1, Spring Flower Rain Slicker:1, Hanging Flower Lamp:1, Kacheek in Cybunny Costume Plushie:1, Weewoo Sugar Negg:1, Fresh Flower Sun Dress:1, Ferocious Negg with Negg Balloons:1, Lavender Negg Necklace:1, Hoodie Sweater with Cybunny Ears:1, Fancy Painted Negg Garland:1, Chocolate Wings:1, Potted Flower Foreground:1, Butterfly Wand:1, Spring Negg Wreath:1, Starry Cloud Wig:1, Colourful Candy Topiaries:1, Negg Hunting Background:1, Birdhouse Garland:1, Cybunny Pyjamas:1, MiniMME2-S2a: Burn Up the Dance Floor Fiery Negg:1, MiniMME2-S1: Over-excited Fiery Negg:1, MiniMME3-S2a: Bouncy Purple Speckled Negg:1, MiniMME3-S1: Whirling Purple Speckled Negg:1, MiniMME3-B: Deluxe Purple Speckled Negg Garland:1, Spring Hair Flower:2, Queen Buzzer Gown:1, Queen Buzzer Wings:1, Queen Buzzer Sceptre:1, Goparokko Yurble Collectors Mask:1, Hair Bow Dress:1, Shenkuu Adventure Tunic:1, Moltara Shoulder Armour:1, Faerieland Adventure Wings:1, Krawk Island Adventure Sword:1, Finneus Mystery Capsule:2, Altador Helmet of Knowledge:1, Quest for Knowledge Mystery Capsule:1, Quest for Knowledge Library Background:1, Rain Puddle Foreground:1, Spring Flower Earrings:1, Flower Arbor Garland:1, Ice Crystal Wings:1, Extreme Potato Counter Collectors Mohawk:1, Tree House Background:1, Rolled Up Overalls:1, Pig Tail Wig:1, Blue Painted Feet:1, Armoury Background:2, Foot Soldiers Helmet:2, Foot Soldiers Vest:1, Pretty Flower Purse:2, Delicate Flower Tattoo:2, MME6-S6: Trapped in a Bubble Foreground:1, MME6-S1: Magical Shapes Bubble Wand:1, MME6-S2: A Bunch of Popping Bubbles:1, MME6-S3: Beautiful Bubble Necklace:1, MME6-S4: Lighter Than Air Bubble Wings:1, MME6-S5: Poppable Harris on a String:1, Flower Parasol:1, Hannahs Dressing Room Background:1, Popcorn and Candy Garland:1, Bucket of Pinwheels:1, Beautiful Bubble Maker:1, Jester Shirt:1, Sunflower Pot:1, Princess Hat:1, Cupcake Headband:1, Green NC Mall Third Birthday Goodie Bag:1, Gift of a Piece of Cake:1, NC Mall Third Birthday Goodie Bag:1, Glowing Jack-o-lantern Goodie Bag:1, Advent Calendar JubJub Power Bounce Token 1-pack:1, Sweet Dreams Goodie Bag:1, Ornament Holiday Goodie Bag:1, Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag:1, Blumaroll Dice 1-Pack:1, Flower Star Wand:1, Hearts on Fire Shower:1, Crazy Fire Wig:1, NC Mall 4th Birthday Blue Goodie Bag:1, NC Mall 4th Birthday White Goodie Bag:1

Notable Avatars:


This account HAS had its password reset and does NOT need to be updated with TNT’s 2022 new security update.

This account will NOT get locked out.



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