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13Mil & Lots Of Items! (Instant Delivery)


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Age: 20 years

Avatars: 10

Trophies: 5

Notable Pets:

Neopoints: 13,128,114

NP Items: Bird Watching:1, Jump Into the Future:5, Green Thumb Guide:7, Care of Koi:1, Icetravaganza Scratchcard:2, Ooga Book:1, The Lonely JubJub:1, The Draik:1, Faerie Chombies:1, Jeran the Lupe:10, Forbidden Pteri Tales:1, Meruth The True Story:1, The Giggling Quiggle:18

NC Items:

This account HAS had its password reset and does NOT need to be updated with TNT’s 2022 new security update.

This accounts will NOT get locked out.

This Neopet is named after a real obtainable Petpet and the other is an unrelated real word pet.


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