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Big Item Pack! 200M+ Item Value! (Instant Delivery)


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Age: 22 1/2 years

Avatars: 50 – 60

Trophies: 5 – 10

Notable Pets: 

Neopoints: 747,121

NP Items: Bread:6, Purple Negg:1, Orange Negg:5, Pink Negg:1, Sparkling Grape Juice:1, Mote Magic:1, All About Fire Faeries:21, Defence For Unis:10, Ancient Book:15, Bitten Book:15, Bound Magic Book:5, Chained Book:1, Book of Vision:16, Red Paint Brush:3, Yellow Paint Brush:2, Blue Paint Brush:5, Glowing Paint Brush:2, Nimmo Joe Book:3, Book of Pain:2, Solid Steel Book:17, Striped Paint Brush:3, Split Paint Brush:1, Time Travel:1, Book of Bizarre Tales:1, Shoyru Totem:26, Rainbow Vanilla Negg:1, Cloud Paint Brush:3, Electric Blue Paint Brush:1, Fire, Fire, Your Pants On Fire Paint Brush:1, Speckled Paint Brush:3, Star Tree:1, Black Roses:2, Starry Paint Brush:6, Tactis:1, Anchorfish:1, Fanfish:1, Futonfish:1, Sharklight:1, Shoehornfish:2, Kau Pastures:2, Poogle Pages:11, Care of Koi:1, Grundo Tales:1, Kougra Classics:1, Moehog Matching:1, Cybunny Care:2, Checkered Paint Brush:1, Yellow Healthshroom:2, Underwater Map Piece:1, Secret Laboratory Map:1, Secret Laboratory Map:1, Secret Laboratory Map:2, Secret Laboratory Map:1, Super Icy Negg:1, Crystal Pop:1, Red Kau Plushie:4, Faerie Paint Brush:3, Kacheek Transmogrification Potion:1, Purple Brain Tree Plushie:1, White Daffodil:5, Heart Shaped Bed:1, Gold Velvet Chair:1, Kau Print Coffee Table:7, Funky Fungus Drawer:1, Glowing Table:1, Wiggly Glowing Drawer:1, Robo Aisha:1, Robo Blumaroo:1, Rock:1, Lovely Lime Easter Negg:1, Fruity Faerie Easter Negg:2, Red Robo-Quiggle:5, Rainbow Robo-Quiggle:1, Blue Robo-Quiggle:5, Electric Robo-Quiggle:4, Yellow Robo-Quiggle:6, Basic Golden Nerkmid:1, Magical Golden Nerkmid:2, Ultra Golden Nerkmid:1, Space Usuki:1, Popstar in a Box:1, Sword of Trumpeting:6, Shoyru Sword:3, Brown Clockwork Grundo:1, Red Clockwork Grundo:1, Mystery Island Poster:1, Snowager Saga:2, Tiara:3, Green Techo Gnome:1, Shoyru Statue:1, Cookie Tree:3, Chocolate Ice Cream Tree:1, Robot Petpet Paint Brush:1, Aisha Ears:2, Magical Glowing Carrot:2, White Aisha Compact Mirror:1, White Aisha Ears:2, Pastel Swirl Easter Negg:1, Floral Easter Negg:1, Scented Easter Negg:1, Faerie Easter Negg:1, Fishy Easter Negg:1, Pink Swirly Easter Negg:1, Checkered Easter Negg:1, Spring Flowers Easter Negg:1, Shoyru Battle Shield:2, Juppie Juice Clear:10, Magic Disco Aisha Ball:1, Disco Aisha Gold Chain:1, Disco Aisha Lipstick:1, Cloud Aisha Cloudmaker:1, Cloud Aisha Music Box:1, Cloud Aisha Lipstick:1, Mystery Island Aishas Stamp:1, Ghost Paint Brush:1, Deluxe Popstar in a Box:1, Snowbunny:25, Plushie Petpet Paint Brush:1, Oaken Kacheek Sword:2, Golden Faerie Kacheek Toy:1, Blue Kacheek Play Set:1, Cloud Usul Balloon:1, Battle Duck Negg:1, Striped Ornamental Water Jug:3, Nimmo Faerie Tales:1, Trick-or-Treat Bag:1, Cuddly Kacheek Plushie:1, Strawberry Cake Birthday Balloon:3, Ring of Sloth Stamp:1, Snow Paint Brush:1, Spooky Halloween Goodie Bag:4, Ghosty Trick-or-Treat Bag:6, Biscuit Paint Brush:1, Castle Nox Trick-or-Treat Bag:1

NC Items: 

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