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Lots of ETS Item Pack! (Instant Delivery)


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Age: 21 years

Avatars: 35 – 40

Trophies: 10 – 15

Notable Pets: VWN 5L Converted Pet

Neopoints: 769,599

NP Items: Purple Negg:30, Limited Edition Evil Chia Plushie:1, Hubrid Nox:1, The Pant Devil:1, Angel Chia Plushie:1, Striped Paint Brush:1, Black Roses:1, Snorlkin:1, Super Icy Negg:2, Magical Purple Poogle Toy:1, Basic Golden Nerkmid:1, Normal Golden Nerkmid:2, Magical Golden Nerkmid:1, Heart Fruit:1, Shoyru Sword:1, Tiara:1, Shoyru Battle Shield:1, Mutant Kougra Plushie:1, Doglefox Cone:1, Halloween Rock:1, Snowbunny:1, Plushie Petpet Paint Brush:1, Lemon Swirly Negg:1, Pumpkin Negg:1, Trick-or-Treat Bag:1, Pant Devil Sandwich (TCG):1, Lost Desert Trick-or-Treat Bag:1, Krawk Island Trick-or-Treat Bag:1, Moltara Trick-or-Treat Bag:1, Mystery Isle Trick-or-Treat Bag:1, Space Station Trick-or-Treat Bag:1

NC Items: Spinning Star Mystery Capsule:1, Glowing Jack-o-lantern Goodie Bag:1

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