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UC Grey Korbat Main Account! (Instant Delivery)


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Age: 19 years

Avatars: 260 – 265

Trophies: 20 – 25

Notable Pets:  550 HSD converted Neopet

UC Grey Korbat Xxxxxx

Neopoints: 2,427,681

NP Items: Super Icy Negg:1, Golden Faerie Kacheek Toy:1, Lemon Swirly Negg:1

NC Items: Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza:1, Really Ripe Banana:2, Bonfire Night Background:1, Air Faerie Bubble Necklace:1, Fur Lined Tiara:1, Elegant Gold Necklace:1, Modern Sculpture Holiday Hat:1

Notable Avatars


This account HAS had its password reset and does NOT need to be updated with TNT’s 2022 new security update.

This account will NOT get locked out.


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