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Unconverted Neopets

On April 27th, 2007 TNT released a major update that allowed users to convert their pets, leaving the old variations in an “unconverted” state. This was done to allow the introduction of pet customization with new models that were designed to cater to the flash customization options. This left clear differences within the artwork of the unconverted and converted Neopets.

The first thing you will notice is the art style of the pet, with time you’ll most likely be able to remember which UCs exist and identify them when you see them around, but if you’re new in this I’ll be helping you with a list of all the Neopets that had the option to remain unconverted (which will be listed bellow the FAQ section of the guide).

After the art style, the main difference between UC and converteds is that unconverteds can’t wear clothes or accesories: they can only be dressed with backgrounds, trickets, sound effects and anything that doesn’t require to be putted over the pet itself. While converteds can wear any wearables in existance.

At the same time, when a pet is unconverted, it will show a small disclaimer on it’s quick Reference Page, at the Notices section, that can allow you to convert it as well if wanted, but that if not can just become a sign to be sure of when the pet belongs to the old art style of the site.

If I paint an unconverted pet will it become converted?

Yes. Any customization, painting, or morphing of a pet will convert it to the new color or species that you change it to.

Pounding or transferring pets however, will not adjust their Unconverted looks. Conversion is limited strictly to customizing pets, or manually converting them if you choose to do so. This includes changing the gender of your pets which can be done using Strange Potions or by fighting the mad lab ray scientist in the Battledome.

Can my pet be converted by any random events while it’s my active pet?

Not anymore! Before, this was something that did happen when having your UC pet as active, since they were affected by random events of color change like Boochi, Invisibleness and Rainbow Water. But on April 16th of 2010, TNT declared that all UC Neopets are inmune to them now as a perk to loyal users. So there’s nothing to fear on that aspect anymore, feel free to use your UCs as active and show them everywhere!

Below is a list of all Unconverted Neopets in their respective tiers.

Tier 1

Halloween Lupe
Mutant Lupe
Mutant Meerca
Mutant Shoyru
Mutant Usul
Sponge Grundo
Tyrannian Quiggle

Tier 2

Baby Eyrie
Baby Kougra
Darigan Grundo
Darigan Jetsam
Darigan Lenny
Darigan Meerca
Darigan Moehog
Darigan Tonu
Darigan Uni
Desert Kau
Faerie Kau
Grey Koi
Halloween Zafara
Maraquan Chomby
Maraquan Grarrl
Robot Blumaroo
Robot Gnorbu
Robot Jetsam
Sponge Koi
Sponge Moehog
Tyrannian Kau
Tyrannian Lenny
Tyrannian Mynci
Tyrannian Nimmo

Tier 3

Baby Skeith
Darigan Acara
Darigan Buzz
Darigan Grarrl
Darigan Lupe
Darigan Skeith
Darigan Usul
Darigan Zafara
Desert Aisha
Faerie Kougra
Faerie Meerca
Faerie Moehog
Grey Grundo
Grey Jetsam
Grey Jubjub
Grey Kau
Grey Lupe
Grey Meerca
Grey Techo
Halloween Wocky
Marshmallow Grundo
Mutant Hissi
Mutant Skeith
Robot Kacheek
Sponge Kiko
Tyrannian Blumaroo
Tyrannian Peophin
Tyrannian Skeith
Tyrannian Techo

Tier 4

Darigan Blumaroo
Darigan Bori
Darigan Cybunny
Darigan Eyrie
Darigan Hissi
Darigan Jubjub
Darigan Kau
Darigan Kougra
Darigan Peophin
Darigan Pteri
Darigan Scorchio
Darigan Techo
Faerie Blumaroo
Faerie Kyrii
Grey Chomby
Grey Flotsam
Grey Grarrl
Grey Moehog
Grey Mynci
Grey Poogle
Grey Shoyru
Grey Uni
Halloween Moehog
Robot Pteri
Darigan Bori
Usukiboy Usul

Tier 5

Darigan Bruce
Darigan Gelert
Darigan Kyrii
Darigan Yurble
Faerie Aisha
Faerie Ixi
Faerie Lenny
Faerie Pteri
Faerie Shoyru
Faerie Peophin
Faerie Ruki
Grey Cybunny
Grey Eyrie
Grey Gelert
Grey Kacheek
Grey Kyrii
Grey Peophin
Grey Pteri
Grey Scorchio
Grey Skeith
Grey Woky
Grey Yurble
Grey Zafara
Ice Bruce
Maraquan Gelert
Maraquan Hissi
Maraquan Kau
Maraquan Skeith
Plushie Bruce
Plushie Buzz
Plushie Flotsam
Sponge Blumaroo
Sponge Lupe
Usukigirl Usul

Tier 6

Darigan Aisha
Darigan Ixi
Faerie Tonu
Faerie Wocky
Faerie Xweetok
Faerie Yurble
Grey Acara
Grey Aisha
Grey Ixi
Grey Korbat
Grey Kougra
Grey Tonu
MSP Poogle
Plushie Chomby
Plushie Grundo
Robot Ixi
Sponge Peophin

Tier 7

Darigan Kacheek
Darigan Korbat
Faerie Tuskaninny
Grey Usul
Plushie Cybunny
Plushie Jetsam
Plushie Kacheek
Plushie Kiko
Plushi Shoyru
Plushie Zafara
Quigukiboy Quiggle
Quigukigirl Quiggle
Sponge Aisha
Tyrannian Draik
Tyrannian Ixi
Tyrannian Krawk

Tier 8

Darigan Krawk
Faerie Grarrl
Grey Krawk
Maraquan Krawk
Plushie Aisha
Plushie Eyrie
Plushie Kau
Plushie Kougra
Plushie Meerca
Plushie Mynci
Plushie Poogle
Plushie Scorchio
Plushie Skeith
Plushie Tonu
Plushie Tuskaninny
Royalgirl Aisha
Royalboy Kougra
Royalgirl Kougra
Royalgirl Mynci

Tier 9

Darigan Draik
Faerie Draik
Faerie Techo
Plushie Acara
Plushie Blumaroo
Plushie Bori
Plushie Draik
Plushie Gelert
Plushie Hissi
Plushie Ixi
Plushie Koi
Plushie Korbat
Plushie Krawk
Plushie Lenny
Plushie Lupe
Plushie Pteri
Plushie Techo
Plushie Wocky
Plushie Yurble
Royalboy Acara
Royalboy Cybunny
Royalgirl Cybunny
Royalboy Draik
Royalgirl Draik
Royalboy Korbat
Royalgirl Korbat
Royalgirl Kyrii
Royalgirl Lupe
Royalboy Mynci
Royalboy Shoyru
Royalgirl Shoyru

Tier 10

Darigan Wocky
Plushie Chia
Plushie Elephante
Plushie Gnorbu
Plushie Grarrl
Plushie Jubjub
Plushi Kyrii
Plushie Moehog
Plushie Nimmo
Plushie Peophin
Plushie Quiggle
Plushie Uni
Plushie Usul
Royalgirl Grarrl
Royalboy Kau
Royalgirl Kau
Royalboy Kyrii


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