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What Is Your Refund Policy?
Because of how Cryptocurrency works, we don’t offer an outright refund. We understand that there’s circumstances with purchasing Neopets so we will only refund your purchases back to your accounts digital wallet if it is found that you were frozen at your own fault.

We will replace any orders that are delivered incorrectly. This includes accounts that may have an incorrect password, incorrect item, and similar circumstances.

Can You Hack X Account For Me?
No. Something we hold important to us, is not using any fancy hacks to prevent any major disrupt in Neopets. This includes hacking for items or Neopoints. We do not do any targeted hacking and will not attempt to crack any accounts for you.

Do You Offer Any Payment Methods Besides Cryptocurrency?
No. We want to offer an anonymous shopping experience for everyone. This includes not keeping any personally identifiable information anywhere. No billing addresses, no need for full names, no need for your Neopets username even. This cannot be offered with other payment methods.

We acknowledge that this will severely limit who will want to trust us with their payments, but for buyer privacy we will not be going any alternative routes.

Do You Have Any Customer Rewards?
Yes! The first, and most noticeable reward is that the site is reduced by 50% across all prices. We’ve cut out the middleman so there’s no need to spend thousands earning your high tier rewards. You can have one from the get-go!

On top of that, we offer a proud 25% cashback to your accounts digital wallet on all purchases! Spend $100 in crypto? Earn $25 in USD back to your digital wallet so you can spend some more!

Can You Do Custom Orders?
Absolutely! As mentioned previously, we don’t use any fancy hacks to obtain your items so upon request we will let you know if the order is something we can complete, and also provide an estimate on how long it will take to obtain your items.

Will You Price Match?
Yes! We will price match any store value price. This means we will not match a price if you’re able to use several coupons and discounts to get a price below what we can offer.

Can I Get Frozen For Buying From You?
The answer is yes. You can get frozen for buying from anyone. Purchasing Neopets items or Neopoints gives an unfair advantage and does break Neopets TOS. If you are caught cheating your account can be frozen. We have guides in places to help you safely transfer your purchases in place but no method is 100% safe.