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Updated 07/14/2023

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Would you like a refund? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! If the account you received does not work for some reason, please feel free to reach out! We’ll work to find you a suitable replacement, or refund your order completely!

If you purchase an item, but realize that you no longer need the item, we can help you with that! You will need to return the purchased item(s) within 48 hours after your purchase to be eligible to receive a refund.

What about my Unconverted Neopet purchase? 

Unconverted Neopets, and real word or real name pets are more subjective. We are unable to refund pets if you do not like the name you received. All users are recommended to submit a ticket to request available name formats for a pet before placing an order to help ensure that you get a name that you love!

If you lose your pet after a successful delivery, you are not eligible for a refund. This includes instances where users receive their pet, trade their pet, and are frozen or a trade reversal happens.

If the sign in details for your account are incorrect, you are absolutely eligible for a refund or a replacement.

Please be sure to follow our guides on how to secure your Neopet to help ensure maximum safety!

Can You Hack X Account For Me?
No. Something we hold important to us, is not using any fancy hacks to prevent any major disrupt in Neopets. This includes hacking for items or Neopoints. We do not do any targeted hacking and will not attempt to crack any accounts for you.

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer many payment methods! Previously when we initially launched, we were only able to offer payments through Cryptocurrency. That option is still available privately upon request, but now we can offer more public gateways!

Cashapp is our first available option! This payment gateway is available at checkout regardless of if you are a new or a returning customer. Cashapp is only available for US residents however so we’re happy to also offer Paypal payments!

Paypal like other websites, has given us many problems in the past. Fortunately, we’re able to offer Paypal payments privately.  To access Paypal payments, simply submit a ticket through the ticket page below. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in checking out with Paypal!

Do You Have Any Customer Rewards?
Yes! All checkouts automatically receive a 5% cashback on their order. This amount is denoted at checkout to show you how much you’ll receive on your order upon completion!

In addition to this, users receive an additional 10% off coupon with their order that can be used with the following order. These coupons will expire, so you’ll have to use them within 48 hours after your last order!

Can You Do Custom Orders?
Absolutely! As mentioned previously, we don’t use any fancy hacks to obtain your items. Upon request we will let you know if the order is something we can complete, and also provide an estimate on how long it will take to obtain your items.

You can also request specific name formats for pets and we’ll check to see what we have available!

Please note that custom orders are not eligible for coupon use. You may apply any cashback available for these custom orders, but coupons cannot be applied.

Will You Price Match?
Yes! We will happily price match the prices for any other verified vendors. If you’ve found a price for something you’d like that is lower than our price, let us know! We’ll work with you!

Can I Get Frozen For Buying From You?
The answer is yes. You can get frozen for buying from anyone. Purchasing Neopets items or Neopoints gives an unfair advantage and does break Neopets TOS. If you are caught cheating your account can be frozen. We have guides in places to help you safely transfer your purchases in place but no method is 100% safe.


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