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How To Pay With Paypal

Everyone knows and uses Paypal and Paypal is very easily integrated into any website to process payments. Naturally, it would make sense that a website like Anoneo uses Paypal too right?

Unfortunately we’ve encountered some issues with Paypal in the past, so offering the checkout option publicly is a little less than out of the box.

To pay with Paypal, all you’ll have to do is submit a ticket requesting access. Once you’ve been approved, that’ll be it! You’ll be able to checkout using Paypal naturally and seemlessly.

We provide access at an account level so once you have been given account permissions, you will never have to request again! Paypal will appear as a payment option automatically.

Paypal checkout has access to all integration on the website, including instant delivery. If you do not currently have access to Paypal checkout, please don’t hesitate to submit a request to be given access!

Updated 4/11/24


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