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Where Are Our Products Sourced?

Our products come from last spotted, long long time ago accounts from the years 2011 – 2018 (approximately). In these years most of our products were secured safely off of inactive main accounts, while a number of our other products were safely secured through (now patched) duplication and generation exploits.

With these methods having all been patched, we do not actively secure new stock. We’ve abandoned hacking into inactive accounts entirely as of a few years ago and operate solely with our shell accounts and previously procured items and accounts.

Items are no longer taken and moved around off of accounts and accounts are no longer actively secured. Anything that is delivered by us has been safely secured for a minimum of at least three years and is usually at the higher end of the last five through ten years.

2 thoughts on “Where Are Our Products Sourced?

  1. “Something we never procured was UC’s, or main accounts. As a result you won’t see any listings for them here. We found it more immoral to take entire accounts and pets from inactive accounts that could return and play again. Items and Neopoints can be replaced. Pets and whole accounts cannot.”

    Is this still the belief? I see UCs/Accounts are being listed

    1. Hi there,

      I’ve gone ahead and amended the post as it was written before we acquired the website. The current post now actively reflects how our products have been sourced since we no longer actively acquire new stock. 🙂

      Apologies for any confusion,
      – Elijah

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