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Why You Should Buy Your Neopets Items With Anoneo

Over the years, Neopets and buying Neopets items has taken many different turns. Some for the better, and others less so. By now everyone will have their rewards established through other websites to amass for some serious discounts, and they trust their suppliers. So why go somewhere else?

Anoneo’s single goal is to offer Neopets Items to you without needing or wanting your information. Quite frankly, we do not want to know who you are. One of the largest concerns over the years that we’ve seen is the fear that you will be frozen just for buying from a website. Or having your username leaked so that people report you and get you frozen.

We work around this by not requiring your username at checkout, though it is an optional entry. We can deliver your products directly to you, or we can deliver them on a complimentary shell account free of any additional charge. This way you can keep your account completely unknown from us.

Moving beyond that, we simply do not require your personally identifiable information. We don’t need any billing information beyond an email and any name you would like us to refer to you as. Your email is only a requirement so that we can send you your account details or followup with any necessary contact regarding your order.

In short, we respect your privacy and do not want to know about you. We’re sure you’re an amazing person all the same!

But what else?

We’ve noticed most other websites require you to spend a pretty egregious amount to receive powerful discount rewards, sometimes thousands of dollars. We don’t require anything fancy to receive your discount.

We only process cryptocurrency payments which we’re aware is pretty non-traditional to everyone. Because of this, we offer a permanent 50% discount across all products. Yes, permanent 50% discount.

Frankly put, we don’t have any interest in running all the extra promotionals and making people wait half a year to get a nice discount so we decided it would be best to leave an existing 50% discount price across all products.

Anything else?

Lastly, we have to quote what everyone else says. Our products are stored on shell accounts that were last accessed anywhere from 5-10 years ago. Our selection of products is smaller than other websites for a reason; We’re using legitimately old and abandoned products from years ago. We have no vested interest in using any fancy hacks to find or obtain new items. Anything we do not have in stock currently will indeed be traded for legitimately on Neopets.

We acknowledge that the legitimate players on the website despise cheating and understand why. Buying Neopets products gives you an unfair advantage in the game and takes away from the economy (Or adds if you want to sell your products) making it harder for resellers, restockers, and other casual traders to even move their items around. Because of this inherent issue simply taking away from the activity on the website, the least we can do is properly trade for anything we don’t have as to help minimize any negative impact against players.

At the end of the day, we fully respect your privacy, that’s our biggest point. We don’t want to offer traditional fiat gateways where you have to enter your full name, your billing address, and all these other things that most people don’t feel comfortable with when it comes to Neopets.


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