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How to Purchase Neopets Items

One of the most important aspects of buying Neopets items to us, is the anonymity. Nobody wants to share their account information, share their billing address, or any other personally identifiable information. Everybody wants to remain anonymous. There’s very few requirements at checkout before making your purchase.

After selecting the products you’re looking for, simply head the the cart page and your items will be neatly lined up ready to be bought!

This image may look different once the layout is changed!

After confirming what’s in your cart, you can proceed to checkout and begin the checkout process!

From here, you’ll enter ONLY the three listed fields. No names, billing address, nothing outside of an email, a name, and a username to have your order delivered to.

Here is why each field is required.

First Name: Only required so we can say hello in our email to you! If you don’t want to provide this, you can use any sort of fake name you’d like!

Email address: This is the only required field. This is so that we can contact you with any information regarding your order – Sending you account details, confirming a username, or anything else.

Username: This is an optional field, but it’s left as a requirement just so we know your delivery preference! For this field, you can enter your username to have us send your order directly to you (With the exception of Neopoints), or you can enter anything to let us know you’d prefer a shell account.

For this you can enter “N/A” or “Shell” or anything else that comes to mind.

From here, we can begin the payment process!

From here you’ll be presented with the Coinpayments billing page. Here you’ll have a tab to enter your last name but it is NOT required. You can go to the next page while only entering your first name and your email.

From here you select the coin you’d like to pay with, and and click checkout.

On the next screen, you’ll be given a wallet address.

This wallet address is where you will send the coin that you’re paying with.

Simply copy and paste this address and send the amount to it. It must include the transaction fee.

It’s worth noting that Bitcoin typically has the largest transaction fees and that over 100 coins are supported for payment. The coin of your choice is purely preferential.

After the payment is sent, it can take up to one hour for the network (Bitcoin or other coin networks like TRX, ETH, etc) to confirm the transaction. Once the payment is confirmed to have been sent within our wallet, our payment system will confirm the order on our end and your order will show that it is “processing”.

At this point, you’re done! From here, we’ll send you your order all depending on your order preferences!

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