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Welcome to the enchanting world of Neopia! For those who have embarked on this virtual pet adventure, the allure of Neopets is unmistakable. Beyond customizing your Neopets and immersing yourself in their stories, Neopets Dailies present an opportunity for daily rewards and experiences.

Neopets Dailies are a curated collection of daily tasks, games, and events scattered across Neopia. From spinning mystical wheels in the heart of Faerieland to unearthing treasures in the Lost Desert, these activities provide a diverse range of opportunities to earn Neopoints, snag rare items, and even stumble upon exclusive Neopet species. For those eager to boost their Neopet’s health or stats, some of these dailies are an absolute must-visit.

Whether you’re a newbie just getting started with your Neopets journey or a seasoned player aiming to maximize your daily haul, our comprehensive guide ensures you won’t miss out on these essential activities. Dive deep, explore the vast expanses of Neopia, and let the magic of dailies enhance your overall Neopets experience!

The Classics – Free Neopoints, Items, Food, and Neopets Freebies (top)

Soup Kitchen

Free Jelly

Giant Omelette

Interest @ Bank

Money Tree

Second-hand Shoppe

Rubbish Dump

Altador Prizes

Shop Till

Shop of Offers

Trudy’s Surprise

Favorite Games

Monthly Freebies

Movie Central

Obsidian Quarry

Apple Bobbing

Anchor Management

Mysterious Negg Cave

Battleground of the Obelisk

Grave Danger

Kiko Pop


Overview: The Classics – Free Neopoints, Items, Food, and Neopets Freebies

  1. Neopets Freebies: This daily is a staple for every Neopian, offering a complimentary feast for your Neopets and a chance to amass Neopoints. Venture to the heart of Neopia Central and treat your virtual pets to this delightful surprise.
  2. Tiki Tack Tombola: Located on Mystery Island, the Tiki Tack Tombola is an iconic daily event. Dive into this island attraction for a chance to win Neopoints, food, and sometimes rare collectibles. Remember, the luck of the island is ever-changing!
  3. Giant Jelly: In the land of Jelly World, the Giant Jelly stands tall, offering Neopians a daily slice of scrumptious jelly. Not only is it a source of delicious food for your Neopets, but it also plays into the playful lore of Neopia.
  4. Giant Omelette: Savour the taste of the prehistoric plains of Tyrannia! The Giant Omelette, a colossal mound of eggs and various ingredients, provides daily nourishment. Neopians can collect a slice, ensuring their virtual pets are well-fed and ready for adventures.
  5. Bank Interest: A pivotal daily for those keen on maximizing their Neopoints. By visiting the National Neopian Bank, players can collect interest on their savings, making it a strategic stop for those looking to enhance their Neopets’ wealth.
  6. Shop of Offers: Floating amidst the bustling market of Neopia Central, the Shop of Offers beckons with potential Neopoint rewards. With a simple click, Neopians might find themselves richer, making this a quick and efficient stop on their daily journey.
  7. Petpet Park: An immersive experience for both Neopets and their Petpets. Petpet Park offers engaging activities and the chance to earn delightful rewards. Whether it’s Neopoints, food, or special items, the park promises a worthwhile visit.
  8. Apple Bobbing: Step into the spooky realm of the Haunted Woods and try your luck at Apple Bobbing. While there’s a mix of fun, fright, and fortune, persistent Neopians can secure unique items and Neopoints from this thrilling daily.
  9. Spin the wheel, and you might be surprised with a hefty sum of Neopoints or an exclusive item. Consistent visits increase the reward, making it a favorite daily for many.
  10. Tarla’s Toolbar: Nestled in the icy terrains of Terror Mountain, Tarla awaits with gifts for those who can find her. By clicking on her toolbar surprise, players can obtain rare items, Neopoints, and sometimes even exclusive avatar components.
  11. Snowager: An icy behemoth guards a treasure trove of items in its cavern. Brave Neopians who dare to sneak in while the Snowager sleeps might just walk away with a rare toy or collectible. But beware, waking this beast might not end well!
  12. Deserted Tomb: Journey to the heart of Geraptiku, an ancient lost city, and test your luck in the Deserted Tomb. While danger lurks in its shadowy corners, the brave can secure Neopoints, items, or perhaps an age-old artifact.
  13. Fruit Machine: Situated in the sun-baked lands of the Lost Desert, the Fruit Machine offers a spin for fortune. A daily pull can result in Neopoints, rare fruits, or even paintbrushes, adding a touch of excitement to your Neopian adventures.
  14. Healing Springs: When your Neopets are weary or injured, the Healing Springs in Faerieland offer respite. With a sprinkle of magical water, your pets could be healed, blessed with increased stats, or even gifted a rejuvenating potion.
  15. Meteor Crash Site: A mysterious meteor has crashed in Kreludor, and it’s up to curious Neopians to investigate. Those who dare to approach might find Neopoints, space-themed items, or even a rare alien Aisha encounter!
  16. Coltzan’s Shrine: Pay homage to the spirit of King Coltzan III at his majestic shrine. With a daily visit, Neopians might receive a stat boost, Neopoints, or if luck is truly on their side, a coveted Desert Paint Brush.
Spin the Wheels and Do the Scratchcards (top)

Wheel of Mediocrity

Wheel of Excitement

Wheel of Misfortune

Wheel of Knowledge

Wheel of Monotony

Wheel of Extravagance

NC Archives Wheel

Winter Scratchcard Kiosk

Spooky Scratchcard Kiosk

Desert Scratchcard Kiosk

Neopets Wheels & Scratchcards!

  1. Wheel of Excitement: Situated in radiant Faerieland, this wheel promises thrilling rewards for just a small fee. Spin it and stand a chance to win Neopoints, items, or a shocking zap of energy.
  2. Wheel of Mediocrity: As the name suggests, it’s a modest wheel located in Tyrannia, but don’t underestimate its offerings. For a tiny cost, Neopians can try their luck for a decent payout or an unexpected creature encounter.
  3. Wheel of Misfortune: Tread carefully in the Haunted Woods, as this sinister wheel can both reward and curse. While you might secure spooky items or Neopoints, there’s also a risk of losing an item or facing a minor misfortune.
  4. Wheel of Knowledge: Brightvale’s pride, this wheel embodies wisdom and learning. A spin not only promises rewards in Neopoints or items but also invaluable knowledge in the form of game hints or book rewards.
  5. Wheel of Monotony: It’s a long, long spin, but patience often pays off in Tyrannia. Endure the wait, and you might walk away with a rare Tyrannian artifact or a hefty sum of Neopoints.
  6. Scratchcard Kiosk (Ice Caves): In the chilly Ice Caves of Terror Mountain, a Scratchcard Kiosk beckons. Try your luck with these frosty cards and potentially uncover Neopoints, snowballs, or even a rare icy negg.
  7. Scratchcard Kiosk (Lost Desert): Amidst the dunes of the Lost Desert, another kiosk awaits, offering sandy scratchcards. Unravel their secrets for a chance at Neopoints, desert food, or perhaps an elusive paintbrush.
  8. Scratchcard Kiosk (Haunted Woods): Lurking in the eerie Haunted Woods is a kiosk with spooky scratchcards. Scratch away for a shot at Neopoints, creepy toys, or the rare piece of the Laboratory Map.
  9. Wheel of Extravagance: Exclusivity defines this wheel in the heart of Neopia Central. While it demands a high price for a spin, the rewards are equally grand—ultra-rare items, massive Neopoints, or even a stat boost for your pet.
  10. Qasalan Expellibox: Dive into the mysteries of ancient Qasala with this intriguing game. By expelling scarabs, Neopians have a chance to earn Neopoints, items, or even send the scarab to a friend as a cheeky surprise.
Win Items, Neopoints, Stat Increases (top)



Guess the Marrow

Wise Old King

Grumpy Old King

Deserted Tomb

Fruit Machine

Coltzan’s Shrine

Deadly Dice

Kreludor Meteor


Underwater Fishing

Hide n’ Seek

Qasalan Expellibox

Lunar Puzzle

Potato Counter

Forgotten Shore

Healing Springs


Neopets Dailies Where You Win Big, Or Not At All!

  1. Deserted Tomb: Venture into the heart of Geraptiku and test your luck in the Deserted Tomb. While the possibility of finding a treasure or Neopoints is tempting, beware of lurking perils that might harm your Neopet.
  2. Coltzan’s Shrine: Pay your respects to the great King Coltzan III in the Lost Desert. Daily visits might bless you with Neopoints, items, or even a sudden increase in your pet’s stats.
  3. Grave Danger: The Catacombs aren’t for the faint-hearted, but sending your petpet into Grave Danger can yield rewarding finds—be it items or Neopoints. Just ensure they return safely!
  4. Giant Jelly: Jellies galore in the heart of Jelly World! Stop by daily for a free, wobbly treat. Flavors vary, adding a sweet surprise to your Neopets’ diet.
  5. Giant Omelette: Savory and vast, the Giant Omelette in Tyrannia ensures no Neopet goes hungry. Grab a slice daily, but be on the lookout for special flavors or the occasional bad egg.
  6. Snowager: Risk and reward define this icy serpent’s lair. While he sleeps, attempt to snatch a trinket. Success brings treasures, but waking him up? Well, brace for his icy blast.
  7. Tiki Tack Tombola: Step right up to Mystery Island’s popular daily. It’s free, and you might win Neopoints, island-themed items, or even a booby prize that can elicit a chuckle.
  8. Healing Springs: The gentle faerie of the Healing Springs in Faerieland is a boon for injured or ailing Neopets. Visit for potential healing, hit point increases, or even a free magical item.
  9. Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ: In the far reaches of Kreludor, a mysterious meteor awaits. Investigate it daily for a chance at Neopoints, space-themed items, or the rare avatar discovery.
  10. Underwater Fishing: Take your Neopet fishing in the deep caverns of Maraqua. With each cast, you might reel in a fish, an underwater item, or even boost your pet’s fishing skill.
  11. Fruit Machine: Spin the reels in the Lost Desert’s Fruit Machine. Align the fruits just right, and you could win Neopoints, desert fruits, or even a coveted paintbrush.
  12. Lunar Temple: Match the phase of Kreludor to Neopia’s moon and be rewarded by the wise Gnorbu at the Lunar Temple. Neopoints, lunar food, or rare books could be your prize.
  13. Forgotten Shore: A map leads the way to this quiet Krawk Island shore. With it, each daily visit might unearth Neopoints, pirate treasures, or even a rare Draik egg.
  14. Magma Pool: Timing and luck are key to accessing the Magma Pool in Moltara. Find the right moment, and you can grant your Neopet a fiery magma makeover for free.
  15. Petpet Park: Delight in the fun of Petpet Park in Neopia Central. Engage in games, and you could walk away with Neopoints or delightful items for your cherished petpets.
  16. Rich Slorg: Win free Neopoints once a day!
  17. Shenkuu River Rush: Navigate the rapid waters of Shenkuu in this thrilling game. Skillful play can net you Neopoints, Shenkuu artifacts, or even a boost in your pet’s agility.
  18. Test Your Strength: Test your might at the Haunted Woods’ carnival game. A strong strike can reward Neopoints, spooky items, or if you’re lucky, the jackpot!
Pay Neopoints and Win (top)

Smuggler’s Cove

Garage Sale

Buried Treasure

Poogle Racing

Turdle Racing

Lever of Doom

Grarrl Keno

Neopian Lottery

Test Your Strength

Wishing Well

Coconut Shy


Cork Gun Gallery

x2 or Nothing

Kiss the Mortog


Bargain Stocks

Pick Your Own

Food Club

Snow Wars

Almost Abandoned Attic

Faerie Caverns


Scorchy Slots



Toy Repair Shop

Wager & Win! Pay To Win Activities!

  1. Smuggler’s Cove: Located in the enigmatic Krawk Island, the Smuggler’s Cove isn’t just any store. Captain Threelegs offers extremely rare and powerful items he’s managed to smuggle from across Neopia. However, these items are in limited supply and often carry a hefty price tag, with some costing millions of Neopoints. For wealthy Neopians in search of rare treasures, this is a must-visit spot.
  2. Neopian Lottery: Every day, hope fills the air as Neopians purchase lottery tickets, each costing 100 Neopoints. Players choose six numbers, and if they match the drawn ones, a hefty jackpot awaits. Even partial matches can earn a slice of the prize pool. Perfect for those feeling lucky and dreaming of becoming a Neopoint millionaire.
  3. Deserted Fairground Scratchcards: The haunted grounds of the Deserted Fairground hide many mysteries, one of which is the spooky Scratchcard Kiosk. For a modest sum, players can purchase a scratchcard and test their luck. Prizes vary from a handful of Neopoints to exclusive items.
  4. Test Your Strength: In the heart of the Deserted Fairground lies a strength-testing machine that promises hefty rewards for a mere 100 Neopoints a go. The stronger your hit, the better the prize. But, as with everything in the fairground, luck plays a big part.
  5. Wise Old King: Pay a visit to the Brightvale Castle and share your wisdom with King Hagan. Depending on the quality and originality of your advice, you may walk away with Neopoints, a book, or, at the very least, some sage advice in return.
  6. Grumpy Old King: Unlike his brother in Brightvale, King Skarl in Meridell isn’t looking for wisdom. Instead, he hopes for a good joke to brighten his day. If your joke brings a smile to his face, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.
  7. Turdle Racing: It’s not as fast-paced as Poogle Racing, but Turdle Racing, found in Meridell, has its own charm. Bet on your favorite turdle, and if it wins, you could multiply your wager several times over.
  8. Double or Nothing: A simple coin flip game located in Skarl’s Castle. It’s a test of nerve as much as luck. After each win, you can collect your prize or risk it for a chance to double your Neopoints.
  9. Kiss the Mortog: Test both your luck and your stomach’s fortitude in this game. For a fee, you get to kiss a Mortog. If it turns into a prince or princess, you win Neopoints. If not, well… let’s just say you’ll be wiping slime off your face.
  10. Dice-A-Roo: This game, favored by Blumaroos, is both cheap and rewarding. For just 5 Neopoints, roll the dice and see where it takes you. From food items to a hefty jackpot, anything is possible.
Other Neopets Stuff To Do (top)


Symol Hole

Lab Ray

Petpet Lab

Stock Portfolio

Neopets News

Neopian Times

Island Training

Pirate Training

Ninja School

Trading Post

Auction House

Employment Agency


Featured Band


Island Mystic

The Golden Dubloon

Kelp Restaurant

Merry Go Round

Tiki Tours


Tarla’s Non-Toolbar Treasures

Tarla Myst. Shop

Multiplayer Competition

The Kadoatery

The Neggery

Plushie Tycoon

Magma Pool

Tangor’s Workshop



Neoquest II

NeoCola Machine

Alien Aisha Vending Machine

Other Daily Neopets Activities!

  1. Kreludan Meteor: Venture to the moon of Neopia, Kreludor, to stumble upon a mysterious meteor crash site. Once a day, Neopians can attempt to pry a piece off the meteor, revealing potential treasures hidden within its rocky confines.
  2. Jellyneo’s Wardrobe: Perfect for the fashion-forward Neopian! With this tool, players can try on various wearable items on their pets, creating the perfect look before making a purchase. It’s a fantastic way to test combinations and see what fits your pet best.
  3. Altador Plot Constellations: Join in on a grand adventure in Altador, where you can discover constellations. Finding these celestial patterns and understanding their significance in the plot rewards you with unique items and badges.
  4. Neopian Times: Dive into the latest happenings around Neopia with the Neopian Times. From gripping tales and poetry to editorial advice and comics, there’s something for everyone. Frequent contributors even have a shot at winning the elusive White Weewoo for their efforts.
  5. Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe: A charitable venture in Neopia Central, this shop allows players to donate wearable items. Neopians can then claim these items for free, giving everyone a chance to accessorize their pets.
  6. Hidden Tower: Nestled within Faerieland’s clouds is a secret location known only to the elite. The Hidden Tower boasts ultra-rare items, but they come with a hefty price. For those with deep pockets, this is a must-visit shopping destination.
  7. Rainbow Fountain: After completing a Faerie Quest or getting a special event, some players get the chance to dip their pet into the Rainbow Fountain. This magical pool can change your pet’s color to nearly any hue you desire.
  8. Neopets Stocks: Test your financial acumen by investing in the Neopian Stock Market. Buy low and sell high to amass a Neopoint fortune. Just remember, the market can be as unpredictable as the Snowager’s mood!
  9. Neopets Employment Agency: Looking to earn some extra Neopoints? The Employment Agency in Faerieland lists jobs that require specific items. Fetch them in time, and you’ll earn a profit.
  10. Kitchen Quest: The Flotsam Chef on Mystery Island always needs ingredients. Fetch them for him, and not only will you get a taste of his culinary delights but also potential stat increases for your pets.
  11. Toy Repair Shop: Don’t let broken toys go to waste. Head over to the Toy Repair Shop in Neopia Central, where Donny the Bori can fix them up good as new for a small fee.
  12. Neopets Petpet Lab Ray: Just like the Petpet Lab Ray for Neopets, this version zaps Petpets into unforeseen changes. It can change their color, species, or even turn them into soot! Use at your own risk, and always with a sense of adventure.
Neopets Quests (top)

Illusen’s Quest

Jhudora’s Quest

Brain Tree Quest

Esophagor Quest

Kitchen Quest

Snow Faerie Quest

Edna’s Quest

Faerie Quest

The Coincidence

Neopets Quests!

1. Faerie Quests: These magical tasks are issued randomly by the gracious Faeries of Neopia. When summoned for a quest, they might request specific items, and in return, your Neopet can receive boosts in their abilities or statistics. From the Strength-boosting Battle Faerie to the graceful Fountain Faerie who can change your Neopet’s color, each Faerie brings her own unique reward.

2. Kitchen Quests: Located on the Mystery Island, the Flotsam Chef has an insatiable appetite and is always cooking something special. By bringing him the ingredients he desires, players stand a chance to earn Neopoints, items, or even a boost in their Neopet’s stats.

3. Brain Tree Quests: Delve deep into the Haunted Woods to discover the enigmatic Brain Tree. He’ll challenge your knowledge of Neopia by asking when and where specific Neopians died. Complete his quests successfully to earn handsome rewards.

4. Esophagor Quests: Also lurking in the Haunted Woods, the Esophagor is always hungry. Feed him the spooky food he craves, and in return, he might just help you with the answers needed for the Brain Tree’s questions.

5. Snow Faerie Quests: Nestled atop Terror Mountain, the benevolent Snow Faerie often requires assistance with her concoctions. Deliver the items she asks for, and she’ll generously reward your efforts with Neopoints and items.

6. Illusen’s Quests: Located in the glades of Meridell, Illusen, the earth faerie, has a series of quests for Neopians. Climb her ladder of tasks, bringing her the items she needs, and in return, earn exclusive items only available from her.

7. Jhudora’s Quests: As Illusen’s nemesis, Jhudora resides in the clouds of Faerieland and has her own series of challenges. Much like Illusen’s quests, climbing her ladder of tasks can yield powerful and unique items, if you dare to assist this dark faerie.

8. Edna’s Quests: The cackling witch of the Haunted Woods, Edna has concoctions she’s always brewing. Bring her the ingredients she requests, and if you’re lucky, you might just earn a special avatar, alongside other rewards.

9. Witch’s Tower: Not to be confused with Edna’s Tower, the Witch’s Tower presents a unique challenge. By finding and returning the items she desires, she might just turn your Neopet into a toad… or reward you generously. It’s always a gamble.

10. Fyora’s Quests: The queen of the faeries occasionally requires the assistance of Neopia’s citizens. Should you be honored with one of her rare quests, delivering promptly might earn you some of the most sought-after rewards in Neopia.

Neopets Contests, Spotlights, and Competitions (top)

Lenny Conundrum



Gourmet Club

Site Spotlight

Petpet Spotlight

Pet Spotlight

Art Gallery


Better Than You

Neopian Times



Mystery Pic

Story Telling


User Lookup

1. Poetry Contest: Unleash your inner poet and compose verses inspired by the vibrant world of Neopia. Entries stand a chance to be featured on special Neopian days, and winners can earn Neopoints, rare items, and the prestige of being a published poet!

2. Storytelling Competition: This is a chance for creative writers to shine. Starting with a given story fragment, players submit the next part of the narrative. Winning entries become the official continuation, and the tale unfolds as the week progresses.

3. Art Gallery: Neopians with a flair for art can submit their masterpieces here. Based on creativity and skill, selected pieces get featured, and artists can earn Neopoints, rare items, and bragging rights for their showcased work.

4. Pet Spotlight: Does your Neopet have an extraordinary tale or unique character? Showcase them in the Pet Spotlight! Winning entries earn a special trophy for their pet’s lookup.

5. Petpet Spotlight: Much like the Pet Spotlight, but this time it’s all about your Neopet’s faithful companion. Celebrate their stories and quirks for a chance to earn a delightful trophy.

6. Neopian Times: Neopia’s official newspaper welcomes writers, artists, and comic creators. Featured submissions not only earn Neopoints but also a chance to win the coveted White Weewoo trophy.

7. Beauty Contest: Put your Neopet’s charisma to the test! After submitting their portrait, rally your friends and fellow Neopians to vote. Winners receive a trophy and the honor of being Neopia’s top beauty for the week.

8. Caption Contest: A humorous image from Neopia is presented, and it’s up to players to come up with the funniest caption. Winners get Neopoints and a special trophy.

9. Customisation Spotlight: For those who have an eye for style and aesthetics. Showcase your Neopet’s outfit and overall look. Winning customizations earn a place in the spotlight and a trophy.

10. User Lookup of the Week: Celebrate your personal corner of Neopia by showcasing your user lookup’s design. Exceptional designs that stand out in creativity and layout might just earn you a coveted trophy.

11. Gallery Spotlight: Neopians spend hours curating their item galleries. This spotlight is a chance for them to showcase their dedication and thematic collections. The best galleries earn a trophy and Neopian fame.

12. Mystery Picture: Every week, a zoomed-in or obscured image from Neopia is shown. Guess correctly, and you stand a chance to win a portion of a large Neopoint pot.

These competitions and spotlights offer a diverse range of opportunities for Neopians to showcase their creativity and earn fantastic rewards. They’re a testament to the vibrant and dynamic community that thrives in Neopia!

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