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Category: Site News

The Final Blowout Sale!

Our final blowout sale is officially live! Products across the site are discounted by 85%! Paypal payments are available upon request. Simply create a ticket through our ticket submission form to receive the account. Payments will be sent and your accounts eWallet will be topped up with the funds to purchase the products of your …

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Hotmail Emails Blocked

Hi everyone! Unfortunately it was just brought to our attention that Hotmail emails are being blocked. This is a common issue with our service provider that is already being worked on to be fixed. There will be a slight delay in email deliverability until our server is authenticated by Outlook servers to emails. This will …

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Instant Delivery Neopoints Stocked!

Hi! This is a brief post to note that all Neopoint deliveries have been updated to instant delivery! Now you can buy your Neopoints in instant delivery variants of 1,000,000 – 50,000,000! You can view all Instant Delivery Neopoints here!

Where Are Our Products Sourced?

Our products come from last spotted, long long time ago accounts from the years 2011 – 2018 (approximately). In these years most of our products were secured safely off of inactive main accounts, while a number of our other products were safely secured through (now patched) duplication and generation exploits. With these methods having all …

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How To Buy Cryptocurrency

With anonymity being our highest regard, it’s only natural that we process payments using cryptocurrency. There’s many things to consider when buying your cryptocurrency of choice so let’s cover a few of the noteworthy things first. The two large things that should be considered are the purchase fees and the transaction fees. There’s also a …

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How to Purchase Neopets Items

One of the most important aspects of buying Neopets items to us, is the anonymity. Nobody wants to share their account information, share their billing address, or any other personally identifiable information. Everybody wants to remain anonymous. There’s very few requirements at checkout before making your purchase. After selecting the products you’re looking for, simply …

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