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We’re Giving Away Shell Accounts!

In light of the recent data breach, we’re doing what we can to help users keep their accounts, items, and pets safe. While we aren’t able to do much but parrot what Jellyneo, Reddit, and Neopets themselves have said to do, we do have a unique position to offer one extra layer of safety for your Neopian assets. We can offer you shell accounts!

Unlike the previously mentioned websites, we’re able to offer you shell accounts to stash your wares in private so that you do not need to worry about any XYZ users potentially getting a hold of account information and hacking your account. These shell accounts shouldn’t be used to move pets around due to how easily pets can be tracked, but if you’re worried about your items, Neopoints, or whatever else, you shells are an advisable way to keep your stuff safe.

It should be mentioned that there will obviously be talk of this being a way to steal users stuff similar to the fake login scams WAY back in the early 2000’s so we want to say outright that this is not an attempt to scam or steal users stuff. Once we give these accounts away they are gone, we will never know about them after that. All details for these accounts will be deleted on our end permanently.

It should also be said that you’re welcome to claim these shell accounts even if you have no intention to use them. Shells are pretty good to keep offhand for any reason on Neopets. Even if you have no intention of using them, you are more than welcome to claim your pack.

With all of that out of the way, all you have to do to claim them, is simply submit a ticket and ask for your pack. Please be aware that our ticket responses will not go to your email. You must check back to the ticket page for your response. You can do this without having an account. Each user will be given one pack of 5 unlogged shell accounts – No questions asked. It does not matter if you are a member here or if you aren’t. Every single person (Except for our blacklisted users) are welcome to claim a free pack!

This is limited to 100 packs of shells. Once these have been claimed, we will be unable to offer any more.

Please remember to change the password of these shell accounts once you’ve logged in. This prevents everyone but the user with the data breach from entering these accounts.

Please remember to be changing your accounts passwords frequently as well. Once the user who performed the data breach has had their live access removed, all password updates will secure your account.

In addition to this, please remember to change the passwords for all accounts on all other websites that may be shared with your Neopets passwords. As mentioned on Jellyneo and Reddit, it would be strongly advised that you use a password manager.

Lastly, we recognize that this may be a scary time for a lot of users. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything that is going on you are more than welcome to submit a ticket to ask for help if you require any. We will not be suggesting any third party programs such as VPN’s or Password Managers for inquiries about them. We are however, more than happy to help answer any questions that any users may have about protecting themselves.

— Anoneo

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