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2.2Mil Neopoints Starter Main Account! (Instant Delivery)

Original price was: $8.99.Current price is: $7.19.

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Neopoints Total: 2,295,350

Shop Size: 26

Gallery Size: 1

Notable Neopets:

Pet Name Total HSD HP Att Def Level Color Species Is UC?
xxxxxxxx 27 11 8 8 3 Yellow JubJub No
xxxxxxxxxxx 36 17 13 6 1 Green Jetsam No
xxxxxxxxx 232 154 70 8 2 Blue Kougra No

Neopoint Items:

Neocash Items:

Total Neocash Items: 0

Total Avatars: 43


This account HAS had its password reset and does NOT need to be updated with TNT’s 2022 new security update.

This account will NOT get locked out.


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