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Baby Paint Brush

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Awwww!! Turn your Neopet into a cute little baby with one use of this magical paint brush!

Baby Paint Brushes are one of the largest staples on Neopets. They’re used for trading when users want easy to sell items. They maintain a consistent Neopoint value that always hovers around 600,000. They’re readily available in the Hidden Tower.  And last but not least, they paint your Neopet to be a cute little baby version of itself!

Baby Paint Brushes have been one of the most popular items throughout all of Neopets history.

Back when the Trading Post only allowed users to offer 800,000 Neopoints at most in a trade, Baby Paint Brushes were used to help make sure that values over that Neopoint cap could be offered! Today, they are still used for trades that are valued over 2,000,000 Neopoints!

In addition to being used for trades, these Paint Brushes are also popular among users with the maximum bank account! When you’ve reached the maximum bank account cap of 2,147,483,647 NP’s, you will collect over 730,000 Neopoints in bank interest every day.

In order to ensure that you can collect your bank interest and maintain the value of it, users will collect their interest and then withdraw it to their on-hand amount immediately after. They can then purchase a Baby Paint Brush for 600,000 Neopoints and maintain the Neopoint value since these Paint Brushes won’t deflate!

These Paint Brushes as mentioned before, can be purchased in the Hidden Tower for 600,000 Neopoints!

After you’ve acquired your Baby Paint Brush, you can go to the Rainbow Pool and paint your Neopet! Simply select “Baby” from the options in the drop down menu that appears, and confirm your choice! You can then paint your Neopet baby!


Neopets allows users to adopt virtual pets and care for them in a variety of ways, from feeding and playing to customizing their appearances. One of the ways to alter a Neopet’s appearance is through paint brushes, items that can change the color and sometimes even the shape or style of a Neopet. Introduced over the years, different paint brushes provide a multitude of colors and themes.

The Baby Paint Brush, as the name suggests, turns any eligible Neopet into a baby version of itself. Introduced in the early 2000s, the Baby Paint Brush quickly became a favorite among users. Baby Neopets have distinct, adorable designs that make them look like infant versions of the original species.


  1. Nostalgia and Appeal: One of the reasons the Baby Paint Brush is so sought after is its sheer nostalgic value. Many players who joined the platform in their younger years feel a sentimental connection to the baby versions of their favorite pets. The wide-eyed, innocent looks of baby Neopets evoke a sense of nostalgia and endearment.
  2. Rare Item Status: In the Neopets economy, certain items are harder to come by than others, and the Baby Paint Brush is one such item. Its rarity has made it more coveted and valuable. Over the years, its price in terms of Neopoints (the in-game currency) has fluctuated, but it has generally remained on the pricier side.
  3. Customization: The advent of customization in Neopets meant that users could dress up and accessorize their pets. Baby Neopets have their own set of exclusive wearable items, which gives them unique customization potential. This added dimension of playability and personalization has only made the Baby Paint Brush more desirable.

Allure of the Baby Theme

What sets the Baby Paint Brush apart from other themes, like Pirate or Faerie, is its universal appeal. While pirate or ghostly themes might appeal to certain subsets of players, the concept of baby Neopets is universally endearing. Just as people in the real world are often drawn to baby animals or toys representing baby creatures, the Baby Paint Brush taps into a natural inclination towards nurturing and protection.

Moreover, each baby Neopet redesign doesn’t simply shrink the Neopet down to a smaller size; it often entirely reimagines the Neopet with baby-like features. The artwork associated with baby Neopets shows careful consideration and attention to detail, making each baby Neopet unique in its own right.

Turn your Neopet into a cute little baby with one use of this magical paintbrush!

4 reviews for Baby Paint Brush

  1. C (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about buying things here, so ordered this because it was cheap, but it really works!!! The same day someone gifted one to my account. So I bought a lot more and it was the same, fast delivery and exactly what I ordered. I would recommend this site 100%.

  2. K (verified owner)

    This was my “try it to make sure it isn’t a scam” purchase. This definitely is the real deal. Item was gifted to me within a few hours. Will definitely purchase from again

  3. hyli (verified owner)

    Will be buying more to gift as gifts to friends. Thank you very much

  4. cind***** (verified owner)

    Thank you so much! Like others, this was kind of my test purchase and i got it within 10 mins of buying it.. in the middle of the night even!

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