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Neopoints Packages


Neopoints are the backbone of Neopets! They are what drives the economy and what helps users obtain their most coveted items! Neopoints are used to purchase Paint Brushes, Stamps, Battledome Weapons, rare collectibles, and so much more!

Earning Neopoints can be a very time consuming project with how minimal the returns for many activities on the site are. Playing games won’t reward more than 1,000 Neopoints, and maybe you don’t have hours to dedicate to restocking to earn your money. It’s imperative that users have a large amount available at any given time so that they can purchase the items on Neopets that they’d like to own!

Fortunately, we’re able to offer our own Neopoints so that you don’t have to dedicate so much of your life to purchase a very simple item!

We’re happy to offer safe Neopoint packages in quantities up to twenty million Neopoints so that you can continue playing Neopets uninterrupted by the need to earn Neopoints!

When you buy Neopoints with us, we’re more than happy to have them delivered directly to your preferred account or loaded onto a shell account!

Please be aware that if you want us to deliver directly to you, we will need junk trades or your shop to be stocked with junk items priced at 500,000 Neopoints each.


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