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New Perpetual Discounts & Others

So previously, we wrote that we were doing one final blowout sale. Fortunately, (or unfortunately if we’re being funny!) that’s changed slightly. We have something in the works that could change up how this site works entirely. There’s no definitive date for when it will be finished, but we’re getting something nice developed to make the site more accessible for all users!

We’ll explain a little more on that once it comes to fruition, if it can come to be completed. Just a little hint into what we’ve been quietly doing.

As for prices – Cryptocurrency remains a difficult resolution for many, so we’ve reimplemented site wide discounts, though at a slightly lower price. Here’s what we’ve set up with these new prices.

Site wide price discount: 70%
Cashback rewards: 25% -> 10%.
Coupons: Reenabled

During our massive 85% slash on prices, users were being rewards 25% cashback on their purchases with coupons enabled for the first day. Through this, many products ended up being discounted 95% or so, so we’ve gone back and rebalanced some of these ideas. Wow, we sound like we’re game devs or something.

The goal behind these price changes is to still make products available through cryptocurrency regardless of their transfer fees and to bring back user rewards through reenabling coupons and a lowered cashback reward.

Ultimately discounting products too heavily and awarding large amounts back in cashback can negatively effect Neopets and we actively seek to avoid that.
Of course we also don’t have $100 products selling for $3, but that’s irrelevant!

In any case, the core of this post is to hint to what we’ve been having developed in order to make the website more accessible for all users. The price changes are just prominent to allow easy access for any cryptocurrency users who may be seeking accounts or UC’s.

Happy holidays!
– Anoneo Staff